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Cape Town "Cape Flats"community information

Cape Town SA

The Cape Town "cape flats" community has a very diverse population. There are many different religious, race and ethnic groups. It is this very mixture that gives Cape Town a unique vibrant spirit.

The term Cape Flats refers to a flat, sandy stretch of land that is located on the outskirts of the city of Cape Town between the Hottentots Holland Mountains with its winelands and the Cape Peninsula with its wealthier suburbs. It is here that people of colour were relocated to, in terms of the infamous Group Areas Act. It is also here that, recently, people from all over Africa have come to the city in the hope of a better life. The cape flats community live in sprawling formal settlements or townships, sattelite squatter camps and shanty towns and very often it is this area that the traveller first encounters when visiting Cape Town.

Developed in the early twentieth century their blend of cultures and heritages are unique to South Africa. Socially responsible community based tourism is helping in the up-liftment of these districts. There are many self-help projects where the local people have meaningful ownership of their tourism industry. A visit to the townships will expose you to a vibrant cultural mix of peoples. Their traditions and way of life in a modern city, shown in their music, food, shebeens and traditional healers. Our visits are providing employment to the communities and bringing together the peoples of the Cape.

The townships of Cape Town stand in stark contrast to the wealthier suburbs where the economic, cultural and racial divide is still very apparent. However, even with the poverty and unemployment there is an amazing warmth and community spirit that will not be found in the wealthier areas.

Experience the diversity of Cape Town with a visit to the Cape Town townships which will give you an alternative perspective. On a tour of the townships you will see areas that were important in the struggle against apartheid, shop in a craft market and meet local residents. You will find people extremely friendly and glad that you are interested in their lives. Our guided tours include a unique blend of environmental, cultural and historical destinations and are guaranteed to leave you with delightful memories.



Cape Town