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Cape Town township and cultural tours

Township Cape Town


Cape Town Township tour prices:

Cost of Private Tours (Half or Full day): By arrangement - Price on application.

Cost of Scheduled Tours ( Half Day Only): R410.00 per person (includes all entrance fees)

Cape Town Township tour information:

Your guide will be from the township community. This tour will give you a sense of the real South Africa, the roots of its people and a vision of their future.

Experience the unique culture of a South African township:
Our tours offer you an educational, informative and diversified tour. You will be left with the memory of seeing different lifestyles, cultures and day-to-day life. The tour creates opportunities to interact with people living in local informal settlements and to buy handcrafted gifts at craft markets. It is an eye-opener to the history of South Africa and will make your visit to Cape Town complete and unforgettable.

Cape Town Township tour highlights:

  • District Six Museum
  • Langa – Guguletu – Khayelitsha Informal settlement (shebeen optional)
  • School project/creche (weekdays only)
  • Craft markets
  • A church can be visited on Sundays

The half day morning tour is often combined with a half day Robben Island tour in the afternoon.


Cape Town cultural tour prices:

Cost of private tour - by arrangement - price on application.

Cost of scheduled 2 hour tour - R225 per person

Cape Town cultural tour information:

Your guide will be from the Bo Kaap community. The walking tour includes visiting and experiencing the following:

Bo - Kaap museum.

The oldest mosque in South Africa.

Walk through the cobbled streets and interact with the local community.

See shrines of saints and political exiles in the Tarabaru burial ground.

Tea and traditional malay cakes.


Both the above tours are conducted in areas that were very much affected by the past Apartheid government. It is for this reason that we only use guides that have lived and experienced life in these areas. During the forced removals of the apartheid era communities were moved to an area known as the Cape Flats (click here for further information).

Cape Town Towns