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Cape Town historical tours



Cape Town historical tour prices:

Cost of Private Half Day Tours: R975.00 per vehicle and driver guide (excludes entrances)

Cost of Private Full Day Tours: R1850.00 per vehicle and driver guide (excludes entrances)

Cape Town historical tour information:

These historical tours are for persons or a group that has a particular interest in the history of the Cape Town area. The tours are tailor made to the needs of the client or group and therefore we do not offer scheduled historical tours. A typical tour could start in Cape Town city centre, visit the old slave quarter, one of the gentry's town houses and then the Cape Dutch homesteads in the winelands.

Perhaps your interest is in the British influence at the Cape Colony. We would then suggest, for example, that visits include places such as Cecil John Rhodes cottage in Muizenberg, Rhodes Memorial, Simonstown Town and Naval Museum where the British Royal Naval South Atlantic Command was stationed until 1957 etc.

On the other hand perhaps your interest is in the Dutch influence at the Cape. We would then suggest establishments like The Castle of Good Hope, Simon Van Der Stel's Constantia residence, Mosterts Mill and other classical Cape Dutch architectural buildings etc.

The choice is yours........

Further ideas and information on Cape Town historical tours:

Castle of Good Hope
The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest surviving building in South Africa. Built between 1666 and 1679, this pentagonal fortification replaced a small fort of timber and clay built by Commander Jan van Riebeeck in 1652

Robben Island
Visit the cell where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated during the apartheid era. Let an ex -inmate guide you around this historic island.

CAPE DUTCH ARCHITECTURE, HOMESTEADS, HISTORIC BUILDINGS AND ANTIQUES: The indigenous people, European settlers and slaves have all left an indelible mark on this small area in southern Africa. A unique cultural heritage is reflected in the homes, architecture and antiques of the Cape.

The influence of three people can be seen in the graceful buildings of the Cape. Their work is often inseparable and has contributed to the flavour of the period.

Louis Michael Thibault engineer, land surveyor and architect 1750 - 1815
Anton Anreith sculptor and master woodcarver. 1754 - 1882.
Sir Herbert Baker architect 1862 - 1946


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