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Cape Town whale watching and spring flower tours



Cape Town whale watching tour prices:

Prices are subject to the package that suits your available time and budget. There are a number of options available and depending on your requirements we will advise prices on application. Tours are only available when the whales are here usually during July to November each year.

Cape Town whale watching information:

The waters around the Southern African South coast have a wealth of marine life, due to upwelling caused by the influence of the meeting of the cold currents (from the South Atlantic Ocean) and warm currents (from the warm Indian Ocean) off our shores.

Whales are in abundance, but the Southern Right Whales, who arrive annually to the same shoreline from Antarctica to mate and calve, provide us with excellent viewing experiences. They are very slow moving and very docile. Coming as close as 25 meters to the shore.

For us that live here whales are often to be seen along the False Bay coast between Cape Point and Cape Hangklip and you can almost be within touching distance of the whales. Aerial views from the cliff tops often show mothers with their calves basking in our turquoise waters. Views from the beach or rocks on the shoreline can see the sea come alive with the antics of the young, spy hopping and tail lobbing.

As the normal tourist does not have a lot of time it is recommended whales are seen from one of the licenced whale watching boats. Strict laws prohibit any vessel from approaching closer than 300 meters but the whales are naturally inquisitive and will approach the boat often surfacing next to and diving below the boat. During the season it is virtually guaranteed that you will the whales from a very close distance particularly in the Hermanus area.



Prices of the West Coast spring flower tours:

Prices are again subject to a number of options that would determine how far we would have to travel to see the best display of flowers. The tour could therefore vary from 8 hours to 2 - 3 days. Tours are only available during the season normally starting in early August and ending roun about mid September.

Information on the West Coast spring flowers:

The West Coast of Cape Province is a dry arid area, but each year the seeds of the wild flowers lying dormant through the winter come alive with the brief spring rain fall to form a dazzling carpet of colour. There are over 350 identified species, which bloom for a few weeks before the heat of the sun turns them to seed once again. The indigenous flowers known to the botanists as 'opportunists' have evolved to cope with these extreme conditions.

Our tours take you into this wonderful array of colour. There are day tours and tours of a longer duration into Namaqualand.Where to go to get the best viewing depends on the amount of rainfall in each particlar region and whether that rainfall has been early or late.

An overnight stay on a private game reserve can also provide an opportunity to see the wild flowers which burst into colour at this time (see Safaris tours). Specialist guides in the flora of the Cape can also be provided.